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Antoine Alléno, 24 and son of multi-star chef Yannick Alléno, was fatally hit in Paris overnight from Sunday to Monday by a driver driving a stolen car who was taken into custody.

The Paris prosecutor's office has decided to open an investigation for aggravated manslaughter. 

The son of multi-starred chef Yannick Alléno died on Sunday in Paris.

24-year-old Antoine Alléno was driving his scooter when he was hit head-on by a driver who had just stolen a car.

The Paris prosecutor's office has just opened an investigation for aggravated manslaughter.

This qualification by the prosecution follows the car theft.

It is also the swerve of the criminal who caused this accident which occurred Sunday shortly after 11 p.m. in the seventh arrondissement of Paris.

A suspect already known to the police

According to information from Europe 1, the thief presented himself to the valet of a posh restaurant with a fake ticket to be given the keys to a luxury car.

He fled in this car, an Audi RSX driving at high speed at a red light.

He first hit a taxi before finishing his race and overturning a stationary scooter.

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The driver of the two-wheeler, Antoine Alléno, died on the spot despite the cardiac massage provided by the emergency services.

The suspect fled on foot before being arrested by an off-duty police commissioner.

This man is 25 years old, but we currently know little about his profile, except that he is from Bezons, in the Val-d'Oise, and that he is known, according to a police source, for various traffic offences.

It is the department of judicial treatment of accidents of the police headquarters which supervises the investigation.