It was revealed that the prosecutors in the Investigative Information Policy Office of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office deleted the data in unison in the process of investigating the allegation of the accuser.

The computer's hard disk was replaced and the conversations exchanged were deleted.

Reporter Hong Young-jae on the sidewalk.


On the 4th, the High Commissioner's Crime Investigation Office confirmed the fact that in April 2020, Prosecutor Son Jun-seong delivered a complaint to Rep. Kim Woong, who was a candidate at the time, and handed him over to trial on charges of violating the election law.

The author of the complaint was not able to find out, but the Airborne Service explained why the investigation hit a wall in the reasons for the non-indictment notice of those involved.

As a result of the investigation by the Ministry of Air Transport, Prosecutor A of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office Investigation Information Policy Office, who is instructed by Prosecutor Sohn, replaced the office computer hard disk on September 2, last year, when the allegations were first reported.

It was the disc that was replaced only ten days ago.

Prosecutor A deleted Telegram and KakaoTalk conversations five days later, and before the summons and investigation, he deleted the call history and secret chat room with fellow Prosecutor B.

After the investigation began in earnest, they even installed an app that interfered with data recovery.

Hand test and B test refused to provide cell phone password to airlift.

All storage devices in the Office of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office for Investigation and Information Policy confiscated two months after the start of the investigation were formatted or initialized.

Rep. Kim Woong also changed his cell phone before his first seizure and search, and the video of his car's black box was also deleted.

When the complaint was sent There is a record of a conversation between Prosecutor Sohn and his subordinates through the prosecutor's messenger, but the archives passed and we could not obtain specific details of the conversation.

In the end, the Ministry of Airborne Affairs only confirmed the fact that Prosecutor Sohn delivered the accusation letter to Rep. Kim, but only presented the result of a half investigation, saying that the author did not know.

(Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu, CG: Uhm So-min)