Candidate Dong-Hoon Han for Justice Minister selected the abolition of the prosecution's investigative authority as the most urgent issue when taking office.

He even said he would review it for unconstitutionality.

The day before the hearing on the 9th (the 9th), reporter Son Hyung-an summarized what was first revealed in writing.


Candidate Dong-Hoon Han for Justice Minister who criticized the promotion of the abolition of the prosecutor's right of the passport.

[Han Dong-hoon/Candidate for Justice Minister (15th of last month): I think many people will be curious about what has happened over the past five years and why we have to make such an innocent night escape.] In

the written response sent to the National Assembly, the same issue was identified as the most urgent task I picked

According to the Constitution, it is clear that the right to request a warrant is predicated on the power of investigation, so it is strong that the separation of the investigative power is unconstitutional.

The Supreme Prosecutor's Office hinted at the possibility that the Ministry of Justice would also participate in the request for a trial on the power dispute that is being prepared.

When asked which department to place the new Serious Crimes Investigation Agency, tentatively called the Korean-style FBI, on condition that only the prosecution authority remains, he said that it is desirable to put it under the Ministry of Justice as it is a matter of law enforcement, not public safety.

Regarding the permanent special prosecutor, which is being discussed as an alternative to the reduction of the prosecution's investigative powers, he replied that it was difficult to definitively reveal the plan of use from the candidate's status, although "cases that the Minister of Justice decides to be necessary can be the subject of the special prosecutor's investigation."

Regarding the investigation of the Fatherland family criticizing the passport as excessive, he replied, "The investigation was conducted in accordance with the law and principles without political consideration." Regarding the failure to submit the cell phone password related to the Channel A case to the prosecution, he said, "The constitutional fundamental rights are neutralized by a political attack. I don't think we should set a precedent."

(Video editing: Ha Seong-won)