A group of Russian computer hackers congratulated themselves on March 3 for having broken down the site of the French political majority: En-marche.fr.

According to an investigation carried out by


, the hackers thus wanted to take revenge on Emmanuel Macron for the aid sent to Ukraine.

They saturated the server by multiplying the false connections, making the site inactive for a few hours.

The hackers behind this operation presented themselves as members of the Killnet group, an organization considered close to the Kremlin by the US government.

A new attack on April 12, 2022

On April 12, two days after the first round of the French presidential election, a new cyberattack was carried out by hackers against the En-Marche.fr site.

On this occasion, the group "We are killnet" congratulated on its Telegram channel the candidate Marine Le Pen for her passage to the second round.

“We hope that you, Madame Marie, will be able to establish a real friendship between Russia and France!

NATO Goodbye,” they reportedly wrote.

Specializing in computer nuisance against Kremlin enemies, Killnet has more than 58,700 members on its Telegram channel.

The group of Russian hackers regularly publishes disinformation messages.

For example, he accused Emmanuel Macron of having supplied Stingers surface-to-air missiles to the Ukrainian army while France had sent anti-tank weapons to Milan.

Asked, LREM did not wish to speak about these cyberattacks.


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