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number of new corona19 confirmed 26,000 was below 50,000 for a week in a row.

Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom presided over the last major headquarters meeting and evaluated that it was a successful quarantine.

Reporter Han Seong-hee reports.


There were 26,714 new confirmed cases of Corona due to the decrease in the number of tests on Children's Day, a holiday.

23,000 fewer than a week ago and 178,000 fewer than a month ago, and as of Friday's announcement, this is the lowest level in 14 weeks.

There were 423 cases of severe severe cases, maintaining the level of 400 for a week in a row.

The death toll was 48, the lowest in 74 days.

Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom presided over the last major headquarters meeting of the current government, highlighting the quarantine achievements so far.

[Kim Bu-gyeom/Prime Minister: Looking at the objective figures, our quarantine should be evaluated as successful.

The cumulative mortality rate relative to the population of 0.04% and the cumulative fatality rate of 0.13% are both among the highest among OECD countries.]

He also added a warning to be on the lookout for the re-infection of new mutations.

[Kim Bu-gyeom/Prime Minister: Many experts are repeatedly warning of the possibility of new mutations and the possibility of a resurgence due to seasonal factors.

We must heed the warnings of these experts.]

Yesterday (5th), about 3,000 people received their fourth dose a day, so the vaccination rate compared to the entire nation was 5.1%, and the vaccination rate for those over 60 years old was 18.1%.

Some experts predicted that as early as next week, the number of confirmed cases per day would fall below 10,000.