It is the season of the Eta Aquarids.

This shower of shooting stars will be particularly visible from France on the night of Thursday May 5 to Friday May 6, as it was the previous night, reports RTL.

This time again, it will be possible to see around thirty meteors every hour with the naked eye.

To make the most of the show, it is first of all recommended to flee light pollution, and therefore to move away from the big cities, favoring the deep countryside.

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The peaks of this meteor shower will occur around 3 am.

To see them, you will have to look to the southeast after having taken the time to accustom your gaze to the darkness.

It is obviously recommended to find a relaxed and comfortable position so as not to damage the neck during the show.

To find the best place and the best time for this astronomical observation, mobile applications list all the necessary information, like SkySafari or Google Sky.

The Eta Aquarids have actually been active since April 19 and will remain so until May 28.

Other meteor showers are expected in 2022. The next one will take place on July 17 to August 26 with a peak expected on the night of August 12 to 13.

Others will take place between October and November and in December,

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