In Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, a restaurant owner caught a collection book of phone financial fraud (voice phishing) who approached an employee using a loan as an excuse.

According to the Gyeonggi Siheung Police Station today (3rd), 48-year-old Lee Mo, who runs a Chinese restaurant in Sanhyeon-dong, Siheung-si, heard suspicious words from a 41-year-old restaurant employee on March 29th.

He said he needed a loan urgently and had to pay off an existing loan to get approval, so he decided to meet a bank employee after a while and hand him the money to repay.

Suspecting voice phishing, Mr. Lee persuaded Mr. A to change the meeting place with the bank employee to inside the restaurant.

On the same day, around 6 pm, a woman in her 30s named B, a bank employee, visited the restaurant, and seeing Mr. B's whereabouts, Mr. Lee had a stronger suspicion that she was not like a bank employee.

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Mr. Lee was convinced that it was voice phishing while watching the situation where Mr. A was passing money to Mr. B through the CCTV of the restaurant, and when Mr. B, who received the money, left the restaurant, he immediately reported it to the police.

Afterwards, Mr. Lee pursued Mr. B, asked for his business card, and asked his affiliation to buy time until the police arrived.

B was caught by the police who arrived at the scene about 5 minutes later.

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that he was a voice phishing collector, and he was introduced to high-paying jobs through online job sites, etc.

Thanks to Mr. Lee's wit, the owner of the restaurant, Mr. A safely returned the 15 million won he had handed to Mr. B.

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Gyeonggi Siheung Police Station sent Mr. B to the prosecution on charges of fraud, and selected Mr. Lee, who helped with the arrest, as a 'phishing guard' and delivered a letter of appreciation.

Mr. Lee said, "I think that if the neighbors show interest and give a little attention, the damage of voice phishing will be sufficiently prevented."

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(Photo='Gyeonggi Nambu Police' YouTube, provided by Siheung Police Station)