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News summary on the way home from work, Subsletter Evening.

It's the first day that the mandatory outdoor mask was lifted, and it's been 566 days.

It is not necessary to wear a mask outdoors except in some exceptional cases, but I see many citizens wearing masks on the streets.

There are still many citizens who say "the mask is too familiar and it is inconvenient to take it off" and "I can see it".

I'll introduce people who are protesting wearing masks. 

"It's rather awkward to take it off"

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There were a lot of people wearing masks among the citizens who came out on the street during rush hour and lunch time.

If you see experiences on the Internet that say, 'I walked outside with the mask off and everyone looked at me and noticed,' you can see that outdoor no-masks are not yet natural.

The mandatory wearing of a mask was introduced in October 2020.

In indoor multi-use facilities, without exception, it is mandatory to wear a mask, and if it is not possible to keep a 2m distance between people even outdoors, it is mandatory.

Violation would result in a fine.

Masks must still be worn at gatherings of more than 50 people or performances and sports events with more than 50 spectators, but the compulsory measures were lifted from today (2nd) in the rest of the outdoors.

However, it is the result of various field investigations that there are still many people who use it.

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"Nice to meet you, spring sports day"...

revitalized school

Many elementary schools hold a spring sports day three days before Children's Day.

It opened in the spring of 2019 and reopened after three years.

The school has been revived.   

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The day of the sports day that was held in a long time was the day when the mandatory wearing of masks was lifted, but looking at the photos, most of the teachers and children are wearing masks.

You don't have to wear a mask, but the school made it for teachers and children who wanted to wear it.

Schools of all levels are not only returning to school, normalizing subject and non-subject activities, but also participating in class, grade, and school-level events. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Children’s Day, the number of schools participating in special activities such as athletics competitions and field trips has greatly increased. it was

Students and parents have almost been locked up due to shortened classes, remote classes, and school distancing, but they are happy that they are now able to re-energize their school life.

"You don't have to wear a mask at the school sports competition"

The Ministry of Education explained that it is not necessary to wear a mask not only for class-level physical education classes on the school grounds, but also for sports competitions with more than 50 people.

Wearing a mask is not compulsory.

“It is difficult to see sports events or sports competitions held in schools as gatherings, performances, or sports viewings where the quarantine authorities maintain the duty to wear a mask,” the Ministry of Education judged.

An official from the Ministry of Education explained in more detail, "It may be difficult to keep a distance of 1 meter or there may be cheering for each class with shouts and shouts. It can be operated in various forms, such as requiring people to wear masks.”

However, in the case of sports competitions, students directly participating in sports activities may take off their masks, but spectators, etc. must wear masks.

The number of 50 people at the sports event includes not only students but also spectators such as parents. 

Quarantine authorities "must respect wearing masks"

The quarantine authorities say that lifting the mandatory outdoor mask means 'voluntarily wearing an outdoor mask', and they think that wearing a mask should be respected.

Sohn Yeong-rae, head of social strategy division, Jung Su-bon, said at a briefing, saying that people have been using outdoor masks voluntarily before the mandatory outdoor masks were made. I ordered it. 

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Regarding the timing of the removal of indoor masks, Director Sohn cut it off as “a measure that must be maintained for a long time.”

He showed a cautious attitude, saying, "As the global COVID-19 epidemic including mutations is stabilizing, it can only be reviewed when the conditions for an endemic are gradually met."

Regarding the conditions of the endemic, "It is important that (the spread of Corona 19) be stable worldwide. Currently, there are places that have to cross 'big mountains', including China, so it is not easy to judge the stability. , and the severity of the severe cases should be significantly reduced.” He said, “There is a long way to go until the removal of indoor masks, and there are many variables.

protest sign on mask 

I'll also talk about the people who protested wearing masks on the day when the mandatory outdoor mask was lifted.

The student council held a rally against the fact that the board of directors of the Sungshin Women's University school corporation appointed the second candidate in the final ballot for the president as the new president. I have an obligation to do so, but I did not respond at all. I cannot accept the decision of the board of directors." 

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In protest of the board's decision, all students wearing black suits attended the meeting wearing masks, but since it was a meeting with more than 50 people, they must wear masks.

Although obligatory, wouldn't uniform clothing and masks be an effective means of sending a protest message to schools?    

On the other hand, there are people who wore masks and delivered silent messages even when they did not need to wear a mask.  

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A small concert was held in front of Ewha Girls' High School in Seoul to pray for the end of the war in Ukraine and peace, and it was called 'A Small Concert for Peace'.

The choir of male professors from the Orchestra Department of Ewha Womans University performed wearing masks in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, which can be seen as expressing opinions in support of Ukraine and protesting against Russia. 

a piece of the day

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This is a photo of Sanggodae blooming on Seolcheonbong Peak and Hyangjeokbong Peak in Deogyusan National Park.

Sanggodae in May shows two seasons.

Sanggodae refers to ice that forms on tree branches when clouds containing warm water vapor are supercooled to sub-zero temperatures.

(Photo = Deogyusan National Park Office, Yonhap News)

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