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A man in his 30s who committed a house trespassing crime using a woman's front door password that he learned during the interior construction process received a heavier sentence than the first trial at the appeals court.

The 5th division of the Daejeon District Court's Criminal Court (Chief Judge Lee Kyung-hee) announced today (2nd) that it had sentenced 36-year-old A, who was handed over to trial for house trespassing, to 10 months in prison, breaking the original sentence that sentenced him to 6 months in prison.

Mr. A, an interior contractor, found out the password for the door lock on the front door while working on the flooring and painting of Mr. B, a woman living in an apartment in Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do last summer.

Two months after the completion of the construction, Mr. A went to Mr. B's house, pressed her door lock password, and opened the door.

At the time, it was found that Mr. A confirmed that there was a person in her house and turned around, and then pulled the locked door again.

He is said to have stated in the investigation of the police and prosecutors, "If there was any underwear, I would like to see it."

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When Mr. A was sentenced to six months in prison in the first trial, he filed an appeal saying "the sentence is too heavy", and the prosecution appealed, saying "the sentence is light."

The court of appeals accepted the prosecution's argument and sentenced A to 10 months in prison, which was heavier than the original trial.

The court ruled that "the quality of the crime is bad, such as attempting to break in again after the first intrusion is detected" and "the sentencing at the lower court is too light and unfair."

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