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A bar owner in Seoul complained of so-called 'eat-and-run', in which he ate food from male and female customers in his 50s and then ran away without paying.


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According to Mr. A, who runs a pub in Seoul, men and women in their 50s visited a few days ago, and the tables including them were full at the time.

They had been away for a long time, and the boss, Mr. A, must have gone to the bathroom outside, and he sent it back to the other guests saying he was sorry that there was no room.

However, the couple in question did not appear, and Mr. A, who looked at the CCTV, said that only traces of 'eating' remained.

"Before the couple got up, they whispered to her face to face, and the woman got up first with her belongings and clothes, and the man who followed was humming, 'what was the bathroom code,' as he passed by the part-timer."

A reported to the police, and after that, the forensic team took the bottle for fingerprinting.

Non-exploitation is a misdemeanor, but if intentional or habitual, fraudulent offenses may be applied.

Netizens responded, "It's already hard, but I'm pouring oil. Boss, please be strong..." "If you have a conscience, go to your feet now, pay your bills and apologize."