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number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to decrease to 40,000, and the number of severe cases and deaths was the lowest in two months.

In this declining trend, from today (30th), contact visits are allowed for three weeks at nursing hospitals and facilities temporarily.

Families who haven't seen in a long time held hands and shared their longing for the past.

Reporter Han Seong-hee reports.


[Yoon Hyun-joo/Daughter (Visitor): Don't cry.]

[Park Chun-saeng/Mother: You cry because you love it, because you love it so much.

I miss you, I miss you so much

(I can't see her face when I cry. Duck!)]

After a few months, the mother faces her daughter and starts pouring her tears.

Contact visits between nursing hospitals and facilities, which have been suspended for more than five months, are allowed again from today.

Those who have been confirmed must receive the vaccine until the second round and those who are unconfirmed up to the third are eligible to visit.

After making a reservation in advance, you must present a negative test result to allow final admission.

I have to wear a mask the whole time, so I can't see all of my faces, and sharing food is forbidden, but I'm happy nonetheless.

[Lee Jung-kyung/Daughter (visitor): Seeing your hand after two years, Mom.

Because of Corona...

This day is coming after 2 years.]

[Soon-im Kim/Mother: It's nice to see all the family members.

Tears are coming out, it's nice to see you.] For

the allowed 20 minutes, I hold onto the hand I haven't been able to hold tightly and don't let go.

[Kang Dong-hoon/Son (visitor): How much did I miss you, son?]

[Park Young-soon/Mother: I missed you to death.]

[Kwak Geum-bong/Director of Dongbu Municipal Specialized Nursing Center: I always ask when we can meet.

I want to see my family...

There are many elderly people with tears in their eyes even just saying that they will have a face-to-face visit.]

The visit will continue for three weeks until the 22nd of next month, but the health authorities have not decided when to resume it.

The family is hoping that the day will come when we can meet at any time without restrictions.

(Video coverage: joint coverage team, video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)