Lee Eun-hae (31) and Cho Hyun-soo (30), who were recently arrested in the 'valley murder' case, were arrested by the prosecution.

The Incheon District Prosecutor's Office's Detective Division 2 (Chief Prosecutor Kim Chang-soo) announced today (29th) that they had arrested A (32) and B (31), acquaintances of Mr.

Person A and others are charged with aiding the escape of Mr. Lee and Mr. Cho, who disappeared while being investigated by the prosecution on charges such as murder while in detention in December last year.

A was investigated as having made an escape plan from his home on December 13, last year, when Lee and others were investigated by the prosecution.

It was found that he gave money to prepare a hiding place for four months until they were arrested, and he rented an officetel near Samsong Station in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do and hid it with Mr. B.

The prosecution is considering whether to request an arrest warrant for Mr. A, who was arrested the day before, and for Mr. B.