As social distancing is lifted, more and more places are open late at night, but in one PC room, dozens of computers were stolen with a single phone call.

It is said that he deceived the part-timer by saying that the late night business started and that the PC room headquarters should update it. 

This is UBC reporter Kim Ye-eun.


At close to midnight, a part-time PC room student moves the computer to the hallway of the building. 

Shortly thereafter, two men appear, stack computers on a cart and take them outside. 

On the night of the 26th, there was a call from the PC room that was operating as a franchise saying, "The late-night business has started again, so a PC update is needed." 

[Victim PC room part-time student: I had to change the computer body at the head office...


I talked to the boss, but he said that it seems that he couldn't deliver it to the part-timer, and that (the boss) told the part-timer to do it...


A part-time student deceived by this gave out 41 computers, and 33-year-old A, a voice phishing guide, brought service personnel and collected them. 

They loaded all the computer units into a 1.5 ton truck parked in an alley 10 m away from the PC room and fled. 

About two hours later, while talking to a part-timer on the phone, the PC room president found out about the damage and immediately reported it to the police. 

[Damaged PC room owner: It's not the head office concept.

Because it's just a personal franchise, and they say they took the PC from the headquarters.

The business restriction had just been lifted, but I was so embarrassed.] 

The police, who were analyzing CCTV, persuaded Mr. A, who was heading to the electronics store in Yongsan, Seoul, to retrieve all the computer units worth 40 million won in one day. 

The police are investigating and arresting Mr. A on allegations of fraud and abetting, while chasing the person who made the call. 

(Video coverage: Choi Hak-soon UBC)