The Supreme Court has upheld a 35-year prison sentence for the mother-in-law, Jang-mo, who abused and killed her 16-month-old adopted child Jeong In-i.

Her adoptive father, Mr. Ahn, was sentenced to five years in prison.

Correspondent Hong Young-jae reports.


In February 2020, Jeong In-i was adopted by her adoptive mother, Jang-mo, and her adoptive father, mother-in-law Ahn.

The abuse of Jeong In-i, who was 8 months old, started the month after her adoption.

As a result of the investigation by the police and prosecutors, Jang began to assault Jeong In-i because he was not feeling well or annoyed.

Prosecutors handed over the mother-in-law Jang to trial on charges of murdering Jeong In-i and neglecting abuse of her adoptive father, Ahn, and the first trial sentenced Jang to life in prison and Ahn to five years.

The second trial judge sentenced Jang to 35 years in prison, and Ahn was sentenced to five years in prison, the same as in the first trial.

The intention was that the sentence of life imprisonment would not be justified given that it was not a planned murder and the psychological characteristics of Wool, who could not control his anger.

The Supreme Court confirmed today (28th) the original judgment against Jung In's parents.

The Supreme Court explained that the prosecution cannot appeal on the grounds that the sentencing is unfair because it is in the interests of the accused to appeal, saying that the sentencing is unfair according to the precedent.

Also, the Supreme Court did not accept the claim of the adoptive parents that they misunderstood the jurisprudence of the Child Welfare Act or the crime of murder.