“Make your account” .. WhatsApp has a secret report about you

The most famous instant messaging application in the world “WhatsApp” can generate a secret report about your activity on the application, and most users may not be aware of this, nor may they be aware that this report can be read, it is free to download, so you should think about looking On what WhatsApp knows about you now.

The report of the WhatsApp messaging application for each user contains information and settings for his account, and includes a lot of information about the user’s record, this includes his name and phone number, in addition to his contact numbers, and it is also possible to see all WhatsApp groups that the user joined in this report, the type His device, connection IP addresses, profile pictures and the changes he made to his profile, according to the British newspaper, The Sun.

The report also shows the exact time the user changed his profile picture, the numbers he blocked, and his privacy settings, and shows whether or not it was before the 2016 terms and conditions that enabled data sharing with Facebook, and there is a lot of technical information about how to use the WhatsApp application as well, This type of information can be handed over by WhatsApp to the police if the user ever gets into trouble with the law.

To request your account information, the user needs to open the mobile application because this is not applicable from the desktop version, then go to settings and open the account and then request account information, and from there you must click “Request report”, after which the phrase “Sent has been sent” the demand".

It takes about 3 days for the report to finish and appear, there should be a date ready to let you know how long it might take, and once a report is requested, the request cannot be undone or changed, however, if the phone number is changed or the account is deleted, the request will be canceled .

When the report is finally available for download, the user will receive a notification from WhatsApp on their phone saying “Your account information report is now available.” Note that WhatsApp gives a time limit on how long the report should be downloaded.


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