An elderly man in his 80s with dementia fell and was seriously injured at a nursing home, and the nursing home is refusing to cover compensation insurance, saying it was the patient's fault.

Reporter Kim Do-woon of G1 Broadcasting reports.


Elder A in his 80s, who was watching TV, goes to the bathroom.

It doesn't come out even after 10 minutes of what happened.

After a while, the staff finds Mr. A, who has collapsed in the bathroom, puts him on a blanket and drags him away.

Person A, who had a broken bone, was transported to a nearby hospital and underwent surgery.

[A's family: The operation was very difficult.

I'm old and I'm not stable.

It's a hip joint, but it's more than one or three pieces...


Mr. A is an elderly person with dementia who has limitations in normal judgment and activities, and he suffered an accident while living in a nursing home.

Families complain that there was a gap in the nursing home's care system, and that the staff did not care for patients with reduced mobility or seemed to be annoyed with them.

In addition, as it was an accident that occurred at a nursing home, I requested liability insurance for hospital treatment, but it was not accepted.

At the time of admission, the nursing home rejected the guardian on the basis of a memorandum that the nursing home would not take any responsibility if it was the patient's own negligence.

A's family reported the nursing home to the police, and the nursing home was belatedly "due to the increase in insurance premiums"

[○○ Nursing Home Director: If we take care of everything like this, we will not be able to operate (nursing home), actually.

The insurance company denies it.

(Liability Insurance) They say they won't.

They say they lose.]

If an accident occurs at a nursing facility, it seems urgent to establish a clear standard for determining liability and applying insurance to prevent similar disputes.

(Video coverage: Park Jong-hyun, G1 Broadcasting)