As the distance is lifted, it has become more difficult to catch a taxi at night.

In order to increase the number of night taxis, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is considering a plan to apply the late-night surcharge from 10pm.

Reporter Nam Jung-min reports.


People after the meeting are lined up on the roadside to catch a taxi.

Even if I call it through the app, it is hardly caught.

On the first day of the complete lifting of the distance, the number of late-night taxi sales nearly doubled compared to last February, when the business was restricted at 9 pm.

However, taxi service only increased by 62%.

In order to solve the problem of night taxi shortage in Seoul, a plan to extend the late-night surcharge is being considered.

This means that the premium time period, which is from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., will be extended by 2 hours from 10:00 p.m.

During this time, the basic fare, which is 3,800 won per 2km, will increase by 20% to 4,600 won.

In effect, it is a rate increase.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government drew a line, saying that it is true that a proposal from the taxi industry complaining of financial difficulties has been received and is being reviewed, but the implementation has not yet been decided.

As the burden of fees increases, the process of public debate is expected to suffer.

[Shin Sang-woo / Gangseo-gu, Seoul: (extended premium) I agree.

If there are more taxi drivers, it will be easier for people in Seoul to use it...


[Lee Byung-hoon / Guro-gu, Seoul: Take a taxi, but it costs a few thousand won more...


We think the later the better.] The

Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to start discussing the matter after the local elections on June 1, but it is expected that it will take several more months for the actual implementation to take place.

Adjustment of taxi fares directly related to the cost of living must go through strict procedures such as public hearings and the price review committee.