As a result of the investigation, the military authorities concluded that it was a simple accident and did not inform the bereaved family about whether or not to take disciplinary action.

The explanation of the unit was that there were neither victims nor perpetrators, so the result of the disciplinary action could not be announced.

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As the military prosecutor concluded the death of Sergeant Jo Jae-yoon as an accident after 5 months, Sergeant A, who suggested going to the valley and plunged into the water more than 3m deep, escaped criminal punishment.

The military did not answer to the bereaved family who asked if Sergeant A received any disciplinary action.

The unit explained, "According to the regulations, only the suspect or victim can be informed of the results of the disciplinary action, but in this case, there are no victims or perpetrators, so disclosure is limited."

When the reporters asked again whether there were no victims, the military said there was a mistake and said, "I have notified the survivors of the victims of the disciplinary action."

But it was false.

[Military official (on the phone with the bereaved family): It seems that the notification of disciplinary action was not accurate information.

If you make a request for information disclosure...


So, I filed a request for information disclosure, and the conclusion was 'undisclosed'.

Sergeant A is not disclosing to the bereaved family that he has only received a two-month wage reduction for violating the water play state instruction.

[Jo Eun-kyung / Bereaved family of late Sergeant Jo Jae-yun: I don’t even know English.

My son died, why there are no victims, there are perpetrators, so he said, 'I don't know,

Even during the investigation, when the related people worked hard and raised the issue, an absurd answer came back, and

[Jo Eun-kyung / Late Sgt.


The public-appointed lawyer introduced by the military made the hearts of the bereaved even more heartbroken.

[Jo Eun-kyung / Late Sgt. Cho Jae-yun's bereaved family: 'Why didn't the funeral take place, when other people see you, they want to sell a corpse, so why not have another child because you're young?' (He said.) This person is on the side of the army.

In a call with SBS, a public defender said, "I don't remember exactly, but I wouldn't have said such harsh words," he said.

The case filed for accusation of responsibility for the commander's management was assigned to the military prosecutor in charge of the death of Sgt. Cho. After the conclusion of a simple accident, the military did not receive any news from the bereaved family's evasion request in March, but as soon as the coverage began, the military decided to transfer the case to a higher-level unit. He said it was the policy.

(Video coverage: Jeong Sang-bo·Kim Yong-woo, Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu, CG: Shim Soo-hyun)

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