According to the school's recovery plan, school trips will be possible from next month.

Provincial and provincial education offices are stepping up to support school trip expenses one after another.

The Gyeongsangbuk-do Office of Education announced that starting next month, all elementary, middle and high school students in the area will be supported with accommodation-type field experiential learning expenses such as school trips.

The limit is 140,000 won for elementary school students, 180,000 won for middle school students, and 250,000 won for high school students.

An education office official said, 'This is to provide an opportunity for school trips to all students, regardless of family circumstances, and to alleviate the financial burden on parents suffering from Corona 19.'

The Jeju Provincial Office of Education also decided to provide 400,000 won per student for school excursions to all high schools from this year, and the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education has also been supporting school excursions to all elementary, middle and high schools since last year.

However, it remains to be seen whether the school trip can be resumed.

According to the guidelines of the provincial and provincial offices of education, at least 70-80% of parents must consent to go on a group trip of more than one night at school.