In order to avoid embarrassment .. WhatsApp introduces a new feature to its users about the last appearance!

WhatsApp has launched a new feature that gives its users more privacy in the future, but it is still being tested.

According to the German RTL website, it is possible to activate a feature that prevents some people in their contacts from seeing the “last seen” status by going to Settings, then Account, then Privacy, then Last Seen, and then Private Contacts except for “Concerned People.”

Through the “last seen” feature on the WhatsApp application, specific contacts can identify the last time the user was active on the application, in order to prevent inconvenience.

The beta version of this new feature became available for users of “Android” phones a few weeks ago, and it is now available for users of “iPhone” phones as well.

Until now, the messaging and call exchange service allows users to share this information with specific groups, by allowing "everyone" to see it or limited to "contacts only" or "nobody".


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