The forest fire in Hyeonbuk-myeon, Yangyang, Gangwon-do, which started in the daytime yesterday (22nd), was completely extinguished in 22 hours.

The forest fire department and Yangyang County announced that they had completely cleaned up the remaining fires from the forest fire in Hyeonbuk-myeon around 11:30 am today.

As a result of this fire, 81 hectares of forest, which is the combined area of ​​about 113 soccer fields so far, was burned, and it was found that there was no loss of life or property.

1,191 ground-fighting personnel, including 18 firefighting helicopters and local government officials from the Forest Service and Fire Department, were used to extinguish the forest fire.

Previously, the forest fire department and Yangyang-gun extinguished the main fire at about 1:30 am today, and then proceeded to extinguish the remaining fires along with monitoring the rear lights.

The wildfire, which started around 1:30 pm yesterday, spread rapidly with strong winds with an instantaneous wind speed of 17 m/s at the beginning of the outbreak, and at one time 14 residents were evacuated.

Forest authorities and the police plan to conduct an accurate investigation of the fire as the cleanup of residual fires is completed.

(Photo = Yonhap News)