Kim In-cheol, a candidate for deputy prime minister and education minister, was also suspected of 'dad chance'.

Her daughter was selected for a scholarship program to help pay for her studies in the United States, and at the time, candidate Kim was the president of the alumni association for this scholarship program at the time her daughter was selected. 

Correspondent Jeong Ban-seok.


This is a thesis written by Kim In-cheol, the daughter of Minister of Education candidate Kim In-cheol.

She expressed her gratitude for being selected for a scholarship program that supports the cost of studying in the United States.

Candidate Kim's daughter received a Fulbright Scholarship while studying for a Master of Business Administration at Cornell University for two years from 2014.

This scholarship is awarded by the Korea-U.S. Education Commission, jointly funded by the Korean and American governments, and is open to about 20 students a year.

It is known that competition is fierce because it covers tuition and living expenses of up to $40,000 a year, as well as airfare.

By the way, when her daughter was selected for this scholarship program, candidate Kim was president of the Korea Fulbright Alumni Association.

It is revealed that the alumni association is giving a lot of support to the operation of the Korea-US Education Committee, which is in charge of selecting scholarship students.

Because of this, suspicions have been raised that candidate Kim may have influenced her daughter's scholarship selection process.

In response, the Korea-US Education Committee explained that the alumni association could not influence the scholarship selection process.

[Scholarship Program Manager: The alumni president is not in a position to be involved in our program to the extent that there are no (rejection) regulations.

It does not affect the operation or selection of the program.]

The Ministry of Education's personnel hearing preparation team countered that the selection of Fulbright Scholarships is a baseless suspicion, saying that the US diplomat in Korea oversees the entire process and no insiders are involved.