The behavior of a customer who habitually posted malicious reviews on a delivery app became known through an online community, which is causing controversy.

A netizen, who usually sorts reviews of companies in descending order when ordering food for delivery, recently posted to an online community that he found that the IDs of users who gave 1 star to several companies on delivery apps were the same.

If you look at the reviews captured and released by this netizen, the main content is 'Does the coffee smell of feet' and 'It comes up from the bones'.

When I wrote a review for a company that uses Chinese kimchi, I also attached a photo that caused the kimchi scandal last year.

He said that the review was reported several times through the delivery app customer center, and the delivery app customer center also judged these reviews as abnormal.

As self-employed business owners often complain about such malicious reviews, some are calling for a two-way star rating system or a real-name consumer system.