As the calming phase of the domestic Omicron epidemic continues, the number of new corona19 cases fell below 100,000 today (17th).

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of 00:00 on the same day, the number of new confirmed cases increased by 93,1 to a cumulative total of 16,035,752.

The number of new confirmed cases was 14,915 from 107,916 yesterday, 71,455 fewer than 164,456 on the 10th a week ago, and 230 thousand from the 3rd two weeks ago. Compared to 4,261, the number decreased by 141,260.

It is the first time in nine weeks since February 13th (56,410 people) that there were less than 100,000 new confirmed cases in the Sunday announcement (the counting date is Saturday).

As the number of new confirmed cases decreases, the number of patients with severe cases continues to decrease.

On this day, there were 893 patients with severe cases, 20 fewer than the previous day (913), and the number dropped to the 800 level.

The number of seriously ill patients peaked at 1,315 on the 31st of last month and then started to decrease, recording triple digits for four days in a row from the 14th to this day.

The utilization rate of critically ill beds across the country also decreased, accounting for 46.9% (1,326 out of 2,825 used) as of 00:00 on the same day.

The number of patients who died of COVID-19 the previous day was 203, a decrease of 70 from the previous day (273).

Looking at the death toll the previous day by age group, those over 80 years of age accounted for the most with 141 people (69.5%), followed by 37 in their 70s, 16 in their 60s, and 6 in their 50s.

The cumulative death toll is 21,92, and the cumulative fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.13%.

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to decline, social distancing measures will be lifted from tomorrow (18th).

All private gatherings and business hours restrictions will be removed, but the duty to wear a mask will remain.