Another big change with the disappearance of social distancing is that even if you are infected with Corona, you will not be quarantined.

The idea is to treat a confirmed patient like a cold patient, but the government is expecting that time to be around the end of next month.

Prior to that, reporter Park Jae-hyun will explain in detail how the Corona Infectious Disease class will be lowered, and if so, what will be different.


On the 25th, the government has decided to lower the infectious disease level of Corona 19 to Level 2 and have a four-week implementation period.

During the transition period, the operation of the emergency room that was suspended will be restored by 50%, and the number of face-to-face treatment hospitals for confirmed patients will be greatly increased.

[Jeong Eun-kyung/Director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Strengthening the daily treatment system so that (even confirmed patients) can receive underlying disease or acute treatment is the most important reason to adjust the infectious disease rating.] After

4 weeks, from the 23rd of the next month We enter the 'settling phase', and from this point on, a lot of changes take place.

First of all, the current one-week quarantine obligation for confirmed cases will be abolished.

When quarantine obligations are lifted, the home care system is also gone.

Corona is like a cold, so you go to all hospitals and clinics to get treatment.

However, if the medical staff decides it is necessary, they should be quarantined at home or in a hospital.

All kinds of support from the state will also be stopped.

Support for living expenses and paid vacation expenses will disappear, and the patient will have to pay for examination and treatment expenses.

You have health insurance, and you have to decide how much you will pay.

However, for critically ill patients, the government pays for 7 days of intensive care beds as it is now.

Treatments that cost more than 600,000 won are expected to be prescribed free of charge for the time being.

There are many voices of concern about the reduction in treatment cost support.

[Confirmed person's family: I was hospitalized for about two weeks, but it was almost free.

What did you do a lot, because it wasn't good.

I wanted to come out a little bit, but it was fully supported...

(It will become a burden in the future.]

Even before the class of infectious diseases is adjusted, a 'fast track' system will be introduced for those aged 60 and over and those with underlying diseases, from testing for corona, prescribing food to eat, and registering for home treatment in one day.

From June, all overseas arrivals will be exempted from quarantine upon completion of vaccination, and corona tests will be administered only twice before entry and on the first day after entry.

(Video editing: Jin-Hoon Park, CG: Hong-Sik Kim)