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Democratic Party has been calling for the second day to withdraw the nomination of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon.

The Democratic Party said it would thoroughly verify various allegations surrounding candidate Han Dong-hoon at the personnel hearing, but reporter Son Hyeong-an pointed out the issues of the hearing.

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Democratic Party's leadership has aimed at Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon as the top priority.

[Park Hong-geun / Democratic Party floor leader: This is a dangerous harbinger of state government nongdan.

It must be cut cleanly before it becomes a lump of cancer.]

At the hearing, the suspicion of collusion with proxies that held a candidate's ankles for two years seems to be the biggest issue.

There is a suspicion that a candidate and a channel A reporter colluded to dig up information about corruption of passport officials. One candidate claimed innocence and was acquitted, but he did not disclose the iPhone cell phone password, which is the key evidence, saying that it is the right of the suspect, leaving a behind-the-scenes comment. I did.

Another point to watch is the allegation that Prosecutor Son Jun-seong submitted an indictment letter from a feminist politician to the United Future Party ahead of the general election last year.

As the arrest warrant for Prosecutor Sohn was dismissed twice, the power of investigation has dropped a lot, but the Ministry of Airlift and Security still sees a candidate as a suspect, and the possibility that informant Jo Seong-eun will appear as a witness at the hearing and make a surprise revelation is a variable.

People's Power has declared all-out cover for one candidate.

[Lee Jun-seok / Representative of the People's Power: Not a prosecutor who was evaluated as the first sword of the Joseon Dynasty, but as a government official in the Yoon Seok-yeol government, modernizing the legal administration...

] reported as

The recent increase in the rent of an apartment given to jeonse by more than 40% or 530 million won in one year is controversial at the hearing.

One candidate explained that it was a normal transaction in which the deposit was set according to the market price in agreement with the lessee, and there was no dispute between the parties to the transaction.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-gi, video editing: Yumira, screen source: Hankyoreh Shimbun)

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