After a car accident, a man in his 60s was caught swinging a knife at a person asking for insurance.

The police applied for an arrest warrant. 

This is an exclusive report by TJB reporter Lee Soo-bok. 


A man is grabbing his stomach. 

In his hand is a weapon stolen from the assailant. 

The assailant quarrels with a villager who is angry and tries to stop him, and the restaurant owner prevents him from coming any further. 

A 61-year-old villager, Kim Mo, stabbed another 70-year-old man with a knife. 

Kim came to the front of the restaurant where the victim was and wielded the weapon he had prepared in advance. 

After receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene and arrested Mr. Kim, who remained at the scene. 

The victim was loaded into a police car and handed over to an ambulance, and was taken to a hospital in Daejeon, where he underwent emergency surgery and fortunately regained consciousness. 

[Kim Jin-hwang / Geumsan Police Station Traffic Management Inspector: (Ambulance) Arrival time seemed to be delayed, so while proceeding to Daejeon, I called the 119 paramedics on the hotline (directly)…


According to the police investigation, Mr. Kim had an accident with the victim's vehicle while pulling out his parked car, and broke up after promising to take care of insurance. 

However, when the victim called several times asking, 'We do not deal with insurance right away', he became outraged and went to the restaurant where the victim was eating with a knife. 

[Park Seong-ho / Geumsan Police Station Criminal Team Leader: The suspect had an accident and said that he would take care of insurance tomorrow, but the victim called and didn't apply for insurance...


I think he was outraged that he kept urging.] 

Mr. Kim admitted most of the charges. 

Police applied for an arrest warrant for Kim on charges of attempted murder. 

(Video coverage: Hwang Yun-seong TJB)