The police launched an investigation after the foreign car driver stopped a taxi with women and children and reported to residents that he was yelling and swearing at the driver.

According to the Bundang Police Station in Gyeonggi Province, at around 1:50 pm on the 9th, a man who was driving a Mercedes-Benz near Taejae Pass in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, was yelling at taxi driver B, saying, "Drive straight."

Previously, Mr. A got into an argument with Mr. B, who was about to change lanes, so he increased his speed and blocked the front of the taxi.

Then, it was reported that he stood next to Mr. B's driver's seat for several minutes, shouting, "Drive straight. Answer me. Was it wrong or not?" and spit out swearing.

The incident became known after a woman passenger, who was riding in a taxi with children at the time, posted a message on the Internet.

The passenger said, "For about 5 minutes, the other driver cursed at a taxi driver who was as good as his father.

She also said, "The children behind me had to fall in fear with their ears closed and their eyes closed." I did.

The passenger said that she would not reveal the vehicle number of her Mr. A.

The police report was reportedly made by another citizen who witnessed the scene while passing by the scene.

The police said, "Based on CCTV, etc., we are looking for Mercedes-Benz driver A and taxi driver B."