From today (11th), you will not be able to receive the Corona Rapid Antigen test at public health centers and temporary screening centers.

This is because the number of confirmed cases has decreased and the number of local hospitals that perform corona tests has increased.

Instead, the authorities have decided to hand out test kits free of charge to vulnerable people who have to bear the cost of testing.

The contents that change were arranged by Jeong Da-eun, a reporter.


A temporary screening laboratory in Mok-dong, Seoul.

The parking lot where the free rapid antigen test was conducted was empty.

Overseas entrants who were given free inspection instructions also turned away after visiting the inspection station.

[Mr. Hwang / Overseas resident: I was instructed to take the rapid antigen test on the 6th and 7th day last Wednesday, so I came to receive it and the policy has not changed in the country.]

Now with the screening clinic at the public health center Temporary screening laboratory only conducts PCR testing.

Only seniors over 60 years of age, close contacts, and those with a doctor's note will receive it as it is now.

People with other suspicious symptoms should visit a local hospital or clinic.

You pay an average of 5,000 won to get a professional rapid antigen test.

You can find out where you can get it on the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service website, etc.

If it is positive, it is confirmed immediately, but it seems that the quarantine authorities will extend this method for another month.

What about the family of the infected person?

You can have a PCR test within 3 days of confirmation, or you can get a rapid antigen test at a hospital or clinic.

When testing again on the 6th or 7th day, if there are no symptoms, use a self-test kit, and if there are symptoms, go to a hospital or clinic.

The public health center plans to distribute self-test kits free of charge to vulnerable groups such as basic recipients who may find the cost of testing burdensome.

Even if the Corona Infectious Disease class is downgraded to Level 2, the PCR test and rapid antigen test at hospitals and clinics are expected to be maintained.

(Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan, VJ: Oh Se-gwan, CG: Jo Soo-in)