▲ A part of the missing tugboat Kyoto 1 discovered by the Taiwan Coast Guard.

It was confirmed today (9th) that the two bodies found in the waters of Taiwan were Korean crew members of the tugboat 'Kyoto No. 1' that suffered a disaster.

An official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today, "The two bodies recovered from the sea near the site of the Kyoto No.

The body was salvaged 4.5 nautical miles northwest of the disaster site and placed in a local hospital.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs dispatched a local embassy and consul to the hospital.

The barge 'Kyoto 2' has been moored at the 13.8 nautical mile outer port of Kaohsiung Port since 8:00 pm local time yesterday, and is scheduled to enter the port after safety inspection considering that the hull is partially damaged.

Previously, the tugboat 'Kyoto 1' with 6 crew members of Korean nationality was towing the barge 'Kyoto 2' from Busan Port to Batam Port, Indonesia. .

After receiving the report, the Taiwanese authorities conducted a 24-hour on-site search using patrol boats and helicopters to find Kyoto No. 2, but Kyoto No. 1 has not been found yet.

The government has sent a Coast Guard patrol ship and a submarine support ship carrying divers to the scene to search for the missing crew.

According to officials, the 3,000-ton Coast Guard patrol ship 3012 has arrived in the waters near the accident and is conducting a search operation.

(Photo = Courtesy of the Taiwan Coast Guard, Yonhap News)