As the Omicron epidemic continued to decline, the number of new confirmed cases remained at 200,000 for the third day.

The number of deaths and severe cases remains at a worrisome level.

Correspondent Kim Kyung-hee reports.


As of 00:00 today (7th), there are 224,820 new confirmed cases.

The number decreased by more than 60,000 from the 286,000 the previous day.

On the third day, the number was 200,000, a decrease of about 95,000 from a week ago and a decrease of 170,000 from two weeks ago.

Although the number of new confirmed cases continues to decrease, the number of deaths and severe cases is not decreasing.

There were 348 deaths, and there was also one death between the ages of 0-9, and the cumulative number of deaths under the age of 10 increased to 15.

There were 1,116 cases of severe severe cases, continuing the number of 1,100 cases for the sixth day.

The quarantine authorities predicted that the number of severe cases and fatalities would decrease next week, as the number of severely severely ill patients peaked at a level lower than 1,800 from the originally expected 1,300, and then weakened.

The utilization rate of hospital beds with severe COVID-19 across the country was 59.3%, dropping to the 50% level in 29 days.

There are 1,311,000 home-treated patients, and 124,000 in the intensive care group receiving health monitoring.

The third dose of COVID-19 is 64%.

The quarantine authorities said they are considering a plan to recommend a third vaccination to those infected with COVID-19 after the second vaccination.

He announced that he would provide guidance after comprehensive consideration of the fourth vaccination for seniors over 60 years of age.

Quarantine authorities have recommended that high-risk children at high risk be vaccinated once again.

Between the ages of 5 and 11, the vaccination reservation rate was 1.6%, with 22,000 people or 0.7% completing the first dose.