Last year, the owner of a delivery service agency passed away on his own after leaving a message that he had been harassed by the workers of the delivery union.

Afterwards, the police, who started the investigation, applied for an arrest warrant for four courier union members, and it was confirmed that there were more victims of bullying.

Correspondent Son Ki-joon reported.


40-year-old courier agency Joo Yi-mo wrote in his suicide note, "Every day I endured with non-union members was like hell."

This is because the drivers belonging to the courier union refused to deliver fresh food or heavy items, saying that the delivery cost was wrong.

[Correspondent Mr. Lee: (Non-union members) even helped (non-union members), and union members harassed them and prevented them from doing that.] The

bereaved family files a complaint with the police saying that they insulted the deceased and even his wife who helped them and forced them to an extreme choice. has been submitted.

He also attended the State Auditor's Office.

[Mr. A / wife of late Mr. Lee (October of last year): (union members) insulted and defamed me and my husband.

I hope that all union members will be punished severely so that my husband can get some rest...


The police investigated their group chat room and confirmed the details of the conversation that insulted the deceased or interfered with the agency's business.

Mr. Lee was not the only owner who complained of damage.

Several courier agents filed complaints one after another saying they had been subjected to similar bullying.

The police, who investigated the case, applied for an arrest warrant for four union members on charges of obstruction of business and defamation.

The courier union filed a petition to the court requesting the dismissal of the warrant, stating that 'there was a rough and frivolous part of the union's activities, but harassment was not the purpose'.

The interrogation of the suspects before the arrest in the court to decide whether to detain them will be held tomorrow (7th) morning.

(Video coverage: Seol Seol-hwan, video editing: Ha Seong-won)