Let's take a look at the corona news first.

About 280,000 additional confirmed cases have been reported.

Based on Wednesday, when the number of confirmed cases increases rapidly in the week, it has come down to the 200,000 level in five weeks.

With the purpose of preparing for daily life with Corona, from today (6th), confirmed patients can go to a pharmacy and get their own medicine.

First news today, this is reporter Han Seong-hee.

<Reporter> The

drugs that Corona patients can get directly from the pharmacy are those prescribed by local hospitals and clinics.

[Jeong Su-yeon/Pharmacist: (For the symptoms of Corona 19) Antipyretic analgesics, antitussive expectorants, cough, runny nose, etc. are mainly prescribed, and patients pick them up.]

Going out of the house to buy over-the-counter medicines such as disinfectant bands and antipyretics is not allowed.

Even if a hospital or clinic sends a prescription by fax or e-mail, the original prescription must be sent to the pharmacy.

Pharmacists are advised to wear a KF94 mask and use a transparent partition or face shield.

The reason for the permit is that as the face-to-face treatment of confirmed patients has expanded, the demand for direct medication has also increased.

We also considered the reality that many of the confirmed patients already stop by pharmacies.

[Park Ji-hae/Pharmacist: There were a lot of cases where confirmed patients (at hospitals and clinics) took the rapid antigen test and then (if positive) they just started receiving the medicine.

(In many cases, the number of confirmed cases per day) I think nearly 100 people actually came.]

However, it is not easy to follow the government policy to set up a separate waiting area for confirmed patients or to have them wait outside the pharmacy.

[Park Ji-hae/Pharmacist: I am a sick patient, but when a patient who is too old comes in, it is difficult to say, 'Please leave.']

Medical staff will start visiting nursing facilities where face-to-face treatment was difficult despite cluster infections .


A doctor and a nurse work in pairs, and they are temporarily operated until the end of this month.

In addition, international flights, which are currently 420 per week, will increase to 520 next month and 620 in June.

Following the Muan, Cheongju and Jeju airports next month, other airports will resume international flights sequentially.

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae, Video editing: Park Ji-in)