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A man in his 50s who beat his wife to death with a broom and fly club for not listening to him was commuted to the second trial. 

Yesterday (5th), according to the legal circles, the Gwangju High Court's Criminal Division 2-1 (Presiding Judge Sung Choong-yong) broke the original court and sentenced him to three years in prison in the appeal trial against 57-year-old A, who was sentenced to four years in prison in the first trial on the charge of injury and homicide. . 

A's side claimed at the appeals court, "At the time of the crime, I had a weak ability to discriminate objects or make decisions due to my hearing and intellectual disabilities," and the court accepted this. 

The court said, "It appears that the accused committed the crime accidentally while mentally and physically weak." "Considering that he admits his mistake and is a first-time offender, that he does not repeatedly assault the victim, and that his family does not want to be punished, the lower court's sentence is It's a bit heavy." 

Person A, who is a grade 3 deaf person, is charged with killing her wife B (in her 50s), who is a grade 3 cerebral lesion disorder, at her home in Muan, Jeollanam-do between December 13 and 14, 2020 at 1 am with a cleaning tool and a fist several times with a cleaning tool and fist. indicted. 

It was investigated that her Mr. A assaulted her Mr. B indiscriminately because he did not listen to her own request to bring her water, or that her side dishes were poor.

Mr. B died of a traumatic cerebral hemorrhage caused by her husband's assault.  

Earlier, the first trial court explained, "It is difficult to say that the accused was mentally and physically weak, considering the defendant's actions before and after the crime, and the defendant's memories and statements about the situation at the time of the crime."

He added, "The victim's precious life was taken from the accused's crime, and severe punishment is inevitable for the accused in that the damage cannot be recovered in any way." 

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