Pusan ​​National University has made the final decision to cancel the admission to medical school for Cho Min, the daughter of former Minister Cho Kuk.

In August of last year, the cancellation of admission was confirmed after seven months after going through the procedure after the cancellation of admission.

By Nam Jung-min, staff reporter.

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front of Pusan ​​National University, ahead of the decision to cancel Jo Min's admission to the Pusan ​​National University Medical School.

Pros and cons were held all day long.

[Cancel Jo-min's admission!]

[Cheer up, Jo-min!]

After more than 3 hours of faculty meeting, Pusan ​​National University has finally confirmed the cancellation of Jo-min's admission to the medical school for the 2015 academic year.

In August of last year, after a four-month self-investigation, a preliminary disposition was given to cancel the admission, and then the hearing process for Mr. Cho was carried out.

[Park Hong-Won/Vice President of Pusan ​​National University (August last year): After comprehensive review of the results of the self-investigation and the judgment of Prof. Kyung-Shim Jeong of the appeals court, it has been decided to cancel the admission to the medical school for the graduate of Jo Min for the 2015 academic year (decision has been made)

] It is seen that the university has an obligation to voluntarily abide by the admission guidelines for new students that if submitted, admission will be cancelled.

The procedure for revoking Cho's doctor's license will also begin soon.

This is because admission to the medical school was canceled and the conditions for obtaining a license were flawed.

As soon as the Ministry of Health and Welfare receives the notice of cancellation of admission, it is expected that within three weeks, it will hear Mr.

Korea University is also considering canceling Cho's undergraduate admission by securing a final ruling from the Supreme Court that found former professor Jeong Kyung-shim guilty of 'corruption in the child's entrance exam'.

Former Justice Minister Cho Kuk said on his Facebook page that he had filed an application for suspension of enforcement, which suspends the decision to cancel Pusan ​​National University's admissions.

If the court accepts this, it is expected that it will take a considerable amount of time before Cho's doctor's license is revoked.

Within and outside the legal community, the prevailing view is that it will be difficult to win even if Mr. Cho's administrative lawsuit is filed as the criminal judgment related to Mr. Cho's corruption in the entrance exam has been finalized.

(Video coverage: Jeong Kyung-moon, video editing: Lee Seung-hee)