Today (6th), the number of new COVID-19 cases is expected to record around 300,000.

As the number of tests increased over the weekend, the number of confirmed cases increased compared to yesterday and yesterday, but still, the number of severe cases and deaths is gradually decreasing.

The government is also reviewing plans to quickly supply edible drugs to high-risk groups and to receive additional vaccinations in preparation for a new coronavirus outbreak this fall and winter.

Correspondent Park Jae-hyun.


36.8% of the 9,000 deaths in Korea over the past five weeks have died in nursing homes and facilities.

However, 80.4% of the oral medications were prescribed to home care workers, not them.

The pharmacies in charge ran out of treatment with just a prescription from a home healer.

[Pharmacist in charge of taking medicines (22nd of last month): Some people call each pharmacy after receiving a prescription.

Not here, but to other areas (sometimes go there.)]

The government has decided to first supply medicines for consumption to local public health centers, and then increase prescriptions in nursing hospitals and facilities through public health centers.

It is also important that nursing hospitals and medical staff in facilities do not hesitate to prescribe medications for fear of side effects.

[Convalescent hospital worker: (the medical staff in the hospital) take the wrong medicine and have side effects, only the hospital will take over


The government said, "We are reviewing the vaccination plan in preparation for a possible re-infection this fall and winter."

If a new mutation is introduced, the vaccine currently being introduced by the government may be less effective.

A government official explained, "We are not in a hurry to introduce 140 million doses of vaccine this year, which we have already signed a contract with."