"Motel Alley" "Subway Station"...

Lee Eun-hae and Jo Hyeon-soo eyewitness accounts

There are reports of witnessing Lee Eun-hae (female, 31), who is suspected of murdering her husband in a valley in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do three years ago, and Jo Hyeon-soo (male, 30), a suspect in the so-called 'Gapyeong Valley Murder Case'.

Prosecutors are pursuing their whereabouts based on the report.

According to the prosecution on the 3rd, after publicly wanting Mr. Lee and Mr. Cho, who have been missing for 4 months, reports about these two people have continued nationwide since the 30th of last month.

Prosecutors are in the midst of verifying the facts based on reports from eyewitnesses.

According to a media report, informant A said, "Over the past two days, a motel witnessed a man smoking a cigarette (with the mask down) accompanying a woman of similar height (Lee Eun-hae) in a nearby alley." He was very similar to Jo Hyun-soo reported in the media, and he was wearing the glasses in the photos that were released to the media.”

Another informant B said, "I saw a woman who looked just like Lee Eun-hae at the subway station (in the area where informant A witnessed Lee Eun-hae and Jo Hyun-soo)."

In addition to eyewitness reports, Lee and Cho's acquaintances also cooperated with the prosecution's investigation.

An informant who identified himself as Cho's high school classmate said, "I kept in touch with Jo Hyun-soo until recently, but he kept trying to borrow money, so I cut off contact."

He said, "They worked related to illegal Sports Toto, and I understand that they forced the deceased (victim) to invest a large amount in illegal Sports Toto."

He continued, "Jo Hyun-soo is about 158 ​​to 162 cm tall, but he may look taller than this because he puts insoles in his shoes, and he usually doesn't wear glasses and usually wears loose hoodies." .

Jo Hyun-soo sues a lot of netizens before going to sleep...

I got all the settlement money

While the whereabouts of Eun-hae Lee and Hyeon-soo Jo have been unknown for four months, it was revealed that in April last year, Jo sued netizens who criticized him for defamation and insult and even took the settlement money.

Earlier in October 2020, after 'Gapyeong Valley Drowning Case Mystery' was broadcast on SBS 'I want to know' in October 2020, online criticizing comments towards Mr. Lee and Mr. Cho poured out.

In response, Cho filed a complaint with the Songpa Police Station in Seoul against about 100 netizens who disclosed their identity or left critical comments through a law firm.

It turned out that Mr. Cho wrote in the complaint that 'It has nothing to do with the (valley murder) case, but he was branded as a criminal and suffered from public phobia.

Cho measured the settlement amount differently depending on the job of the person who wrote the comment or the level of posting, and it is said that some defendants delivered the settlement amount to Cho Hyun-soo worth 1.5 million won.

According to the accused, he offered Cho a settlement of 1 million won, but Jo Hyun-soo's side is known to have stubbornly opposed it, saying, "You can't reach an agreement with less than 1.5 million won."

'Traffic accident, drowning' Lee Eun-hae's ex-lovers all suspected of death

Meanwhile, suspicions arose that the victim's wife and suspect Lee Eun-hae's two ex-lovers also died suspiciously.

Since the 31st of last month, articles claiming that "All three men who Lee Eun-hae dated or married in the past died in an accident" spread rapidly online.

The article claimed that in 2010, Lee received insurance money as a passenger of his boyfriend, who died in a car accident, and that in 2014, his boyfriend, who he was dating at the time, suffered a mysterious death while snorkeling in Pattaya, Thailand.

Attorney Park Ji-hoon, who appeared on a TV program that dealt with the allegations, said, "(At the time of a car accident in 2010) Lee was riding with him, so it is difficult to see it as a crime or fraud, but there is a fact that he received insurance money in a fatal accident."

Regarding the death of a boyfriend he was dating in 2014, local police in Thailand did not find a possibility of killing him, and it is said that it was closed as an accident.

The 'Gapyeong Valley Drowning Case', which is currently under investigation by the prosecution, became known as it was re-examined under the title 'The last dive of the day - Gapyeong Valley Drowning Mystery' on SBS 'I want to know' in October 2020. 

However, it was none other than Mr. Lee who reported the incident.

Lee directly reported to the production team on SBS 'I want to know' that 'insurance is not being paid properly due to the brutality of the insurance company'.

Suspicious circumstances continued to be discovered in the process of the production team's coverage, and following the previous re-investigation by the police, the case was transferred to the prosecution, and a full re-investigation began in February of last year.

Lee and Cho attended the Incheon District Prosecutors' Office in December of the same year and received one investigation, and then fled ahead of the second investigation the next day, and their whereabouts remain unknown.

After the prosecution confirmed that there was no record of them going abroad after the flight, it was reported that the Ministry of Justice had banned them from leaving the country before the public wanted.

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