Experts are diagnosing that the key is the daily medical system, as the government is showing its will to lift most of the COVID-19 quarantine measures such as social distancing in two weeks and promote daily recovery.

The 'Private Meetings of 10 People, Business Restriction at 12:00 PM', which will be implemented for two weeks from the 4th, is likely to be the last distance in effect, but the medical system must show a stable level.

The omicron mutation epidemic, which once had 600,000 confirmed cases per day, has peaked and has been on a downward trend since the end of last month.

Experts can try to restore daily life again, but they emphasize that it is necessary to prepare so as not to overload the medical system.

There are variables such as stealth Omicron becoming the dominant species, but quarantine authorities predict that the increase in the number of confirmed cases will remain at the level of 10-20% despite this adjustment of distance.

Therefore, the key to daily recovery is recovery of the daily medical system.

Professor Kim Tak of Soonchunhyang University explained, “If the daily medical system can handle COVID-19, special measures such as social distancing will not be necessary.

Jae-gap Lee, a professor of infectious disease at Hallym University Gangnam Sacred Heart Hospital, emphasized, "The medical system must be supported for endemics."

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