Rapid antigen testing, which was offered free of charge at screening clinics and temporary screening centers at public health centers nationwide, will be stopped from the 11th.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters (Bangdaebon) announced today (1st) that the decision was made in consideration of the decrease in the number of confirmed cases in Korea and the expansion of the rapid antigen test method through local hospitals and clinics.

Accordingly, from the 11th, if you want a rapid antigen test, you can visit a respiratory clinic and a designated medical institution for respiratory treatment.

Those who are prioritized for testing, such as those over 60 years of age, those who have received a doctor's note saying they need testing, and those with epidemiologic factors such as close contacts, can continue to receive PCR (gene amplification) testing at public health centers as before.

In order to reduce confusion in the field due to the conversion of the testing system, self-testing kits can be used at public health centers as of the 4th to 10th, and the rapid antigen testing at public health centers will be completely stopped from the 11th.

We plan to distribute self-test kits free of charge through local governments and public health centers to low-income families who are burdened with testing fees due to the suspension of rapid antigen testing at public health centers.

Kim Hyun, head of the diagnostic test operation team, said, "The public health center plans to distribute free self-test kits to vulnerable groups who are burdened with the price of self-testing kits or have low purchasing power. will distribute the test kit free of charge."