I was informed that about 70 dog carcasses had been abandoned in a mountain in Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do.

Turns out it was a nearby veterinary hospital.

It was also being operated as an abandoned animal protection center, but he confessed that it was abandoned in order to reduce the cost of incineration.

This is CJB reporter Park Eon.


The carcasses of over 70 dogs left in the wild are put in bags one by one.

There are dozens of sacks, ranging from newborn babies to white bones.

Police investigations revealed that the bodies were dumped at a veterinary hospital 2 km from the incident.

After tracking the animal registration chip found in one corpse, it was confirmed that he had visited the hospital.

However, this animal hospital was commissioned by the local government and operated as an abandoned animal protection center.

If the owner of an abandoned dog is not identified even after ten days have passed, the Abandoned Animal Protection Center euthanizes the dog after a few days and disposes the carcass by incineration.

However, to reduce the cost of incineration, etc., it was transferred to the wild and thrown away.

The veterinary hospital has admitted to all the crimes.

[Veterinary Hospital Officials: Dogs that were euthanized three times were abandoned in the wild.

I should have buried it, but I did it because I wanted to handle it easily.

I'm sorry.]

Eumseong-gun decided to send an autopsy to the quarantine headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of the five carcasses of dogs with less decay to determine the cause of death.

The police have also summoned officials from the animal hospital to find out how the dog's carcass was abandoned.