Etomidate is often misused as a sleeping anesthetic, so it is called the 'second propofol'.

A doctor in Gangnam, Seoul, was arrested on charges of committing a sex crime using this anesthetic as bait.

This is the exclusive report by Park Chan-beom.


"Our reporters have confirmed that some hospitals are misusing etomidate as a substitute for propofol."

Kang Mo, a doctor at this hospital, has changed his name even after SBS reported it and has continued to treat him.

At the end of last year, a report was received by the police that Kang still misuses and abuses etomidate as a sleep inducer, as well as committing sexual crimes against women who visited this place.

[Victim woman: She's going to be his slave.

Just because she's on this pill we want to (Tommy go on a date).

She has no choice but to obey that person.] In

the police investigation, there were at least four women who stated that they had been sexually assaulted by Mr. Kang.

They said that Mr. Kang committed a sexual offense using Tommy dating medication as bait, and even acted harshly while his mind was wandering.

[Victim woman: Sexual harassment began to come from behind the person (Mr. Kang) who recognized that I was addicted.

Later, I even hit him with a club.]

Kang was also arrested on suspicion of falsifying medical records to administer a larger amount of etomidate.

After three months of investigation, the police arrested Kang today on charges of quasi-rape, forced molestation, and violation of the medical law.

Although etomidate has been designated as a drug of concern for abuse, it is not classified as a narcotic, like propofol.

Because of this, even if they are misused, they cannot be punished, and they are easily exposed to crime.

[Jung Young-seok / Attorney: We cannot punish doctors or hospitals who are buyers.

Those who use it for crimes should be able to impose criminal sanctions.]

(Video editing: Park Ki-duk, VJ: Kim Jong-gap)