WhatsApp is implementing in the latest beta version for Android a new option that allows users to hide their profile picture and connection time to selected contacts manually.

Until now, the messaging application only allowed you to choose this option for the statuses, since when displaying the privacy menu of these, it presented three alternatives for viewing: 'My contacts', 'My contacts, except...' and ' Just share with...'.

However, as


has warned in the new update of the

Google Play

beta program , version of




, this option has been extended to the section of the profile photo, contact information and the last connection time.

This option is not new, since the messaging application began testing it in previous beta versions for both




, which it has been testing throughout 2021.

However, this feature was made available to some beta testers and very few people were able to test its functionality.

How to install the update

Now, this limit has been extended, so those who want to try it will have to download the latest beta version of





Once installed, they must access the

WhatsApp Settings

menu , press '


', then '


' and check who can see your personal information.

Then, both in

'Time of last time'

of connection, as in

'Profile picture'





four options will be displayed: 'All', 'My contacts', 'My contacts, except. ..' and no one'.


reminds that those users who select the option

'My contacts, except...'

will also not be able to see the last connection of these people.

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria

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