The U.S. health authorities have approved the fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine for people over the age of 50.

Korea also said that it would review the fourth vaccination for the elderly, but there are voices of concern in that the effectiveness has not yet been sufficiently verified.

Reporter Park Soo-jin reported.


The US Food and Drug Administration FDA approved the 4th dose for those 50 years of age or older, 4 months after the 3rd dose.

Pfizer and Moderna asked people over the age of 65 to vaccinate, but the FDA again extended it to those over 50.

[Peter Marks/FDA Vaccine Director: We expect that people over 50 who are at high risk of flu or other respiratory viruses will be the most effective targets for the fourth dose.]

Israel, who started the 4th dose first, finished the 4th dose The FDA's decision was reportedly influenced by the publication of a study that found that older adults had a 78% lower mortality rate than those who received the third dose.

In Korea, the fourth vaccination has been in progress since the 14th of last month for residents, workers, and immunocompromised persons in nursing hospitals and facilities, but the vaccination rate is only 14%.

[Responsible for the nursing hospital: The nursing hospital has completed the 3rd round, almost.

However, since all of them are corona-positive, it is said that the (4th dose) is lower than the 3rd and 2nd doses.]

Regarding the 4th vaccination for the general public, the government said, "It is necessary to review mainly the elderly."

However, there are opinions that the preventive effect of the 4th vaccination has not been sufficiently proven worldwide.

[Bang Bang-hwan/Professor of Infectious Diseases ,

Boramae Hospital, Seoul: The probability of death was significantly lower compared to those who received the third dose, that is, the booster vaccine.

There are also claims that it is more effective to prescribe sufficient treatment than to receive an additional dose of the existing vaccine in consideration of additional cases.

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