• Economy Sony buys Bungie, the creator of the video game 'Halo'

  • Xbox Microsoft launches Game Pass, its Spotify for video games

PlayStation gamers will finally have a worthy rival for the GamePass service that Microsoft offers on the rival platform, the Xbox.

Next June, Sony will transform its Playstation Plus service into an offer of access to a catalog of games for a

fixed monthly price,

something similar to the current Playstation Now service but much more ambitious in terms of catalog and features.

There will be several levels to this new service.

Playstation Plus Essentials will be the cheapest, and equivalent in its offer to the current Playstation Plus.


8.99 euros per month,

players will receive two games every month for download, the option to save games in the cloud, access to multiplayer and discounts on the PlayStation digital game store.

PlayStation Plus Extra will be the first level that will offer access to more games.

Adds access to a

catalog of up to 400

of the best PS4 and PS5 titles, including blockbusters from the PlayStation Studios catalog and third-party developer partners.

At this level the games can also be downloaded to the console, although unlike the two that are given away every month (as long as the subscription remains active) the catalog may change.

The price of this service will be

13.99 euros per month

, a little higher than the 9.99 euros per month of the rival service, GamePass, although with a much larger catalog.

Sony has also not clarified whether it will offer its own titles for download from the first day they are available, as Microsoft does, and that is one of the main attractions of the GamePass service.

For players who want a larger catalog of games, the company will offer PlayStation Plus Premium,

which includes 340 more games from PS3, PS2 and PSP


Access to some of these games, especially those of PS3, can only be remotely through the cloud.

This tier also includes access to limited-time game trials so players can try certain games before purchasing.

The price of PlayStation Plus Premium will be

16.99 euros per month


119.99 euros if you choose to pay a year

in advance.

"With the new PlayStation Plus, we look to offer an engaging

gaming subscription

service with select content from our exclusive team at PlayStation Studios and our third-party developer partners," said Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the Sony division responsible for of PlayStation strategy.

The new service has been long awaited.

With the rival service GamePass, Microsoft has managed to

shake up the

electronic entertainment industry and arouse the interest of many gamers in the Xbox platform.

More than 25 million players

have subscribed to the service, which also includes access to PC games for the same monthly price of 9.99 euros, or combines access to the PC and console catalog for 14.99 euros per month.

This last option, GamePass Ultimate, also includes access to games from the Electronic Arts company and two free games per month from the Xbox Live Gold service.

In order to fill these catalogues, however, Microsoft and Sony have had to immerse themselves in a complex and expensive acquisition war in the industry.

In recent years, Xbox has acquired well-known development studios such as

Bethesda or Activision Blizzard

, for example.

Sony, in recent months, has fought back by buying Insomniac (makers of the hit

Marvel's Spider-Man

game ) or Bungie (



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