Frequent price hikes and the months-long cycle of picking up new energy vehicles have become new "business opportunities" for some people.

  Recently, surging news reporters found that there have been a large number of increase transfer information for Tesla, Xiaopeng, Ji Krypton and other vehicle orders on various trading platforms and social platforms.

Depending on the car pickup cycle and the order price, the price increase for these transfer orders ranges from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. There are both individual car owners and "scalpers" among the sellers.

  Hao Zhi (pseudonym), who is transferring Tesla's orders, told The Paper that the rear-wheel-drive version of the Model Y he transferred will be ordered at the end of 2021. Yuan.

  He priced his order at 15,000 yuan, that is to say, after deducting the 1,000 yuan deposit he had paid, he could also earn a difference of 14,000 yuan.

  Hao Zhi said that the car was actually intended for personal use, and it was precisely because he saw such a huge price difference that he came up with the idea of ​​"transferring the order". If you can't get out, pick up the car yourself."

  In addition to personal car owners like Hao Zhi who are trying to make extra money, many "scalpers" have also seen the business.

  The Paper reporter noticed that on a certain trading platform, there are many sellers who hold a large number of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y orders.

At the same time, they also released information on purchases on major forums and platforms to acquire relevant orders.

The purchase price also varies according to the pick-up cycle, order price, and optional equipment.

Various platforms are flooded with a large amount of Tesla transfer order information

Various platforms are flooded with a large amount of Tesla transfer order information

Tesla's "transfer order" is actually "transfer"

  Li Yi (pseudonym), a second-hand car dealer, told The Paper that due to the frequent price increases in Tesla recently, he also "part-time" to do some transfer orders, "only in the area of ​​Shanghai, black inside and outside, no installations. The kind, move quickly."

  Li Yi revealed that the so-called "transfer order" is not the literal meaning of "transfer order", but "second-hand car transfer".

Because Tesla does not allow customers to transfer orders in hand.

  Tesla's official "Auto Order Agreement" stipulates, "On the premise that you provide materials to prove that you do not intend to transfer the order or the vehicle, our company may agree to issue the vehicle invoice to the third party you provide (should be next of kin or others who would reasonably share the vehicle) for registration."

  That is to say, unless the two parties to the transfer order are close relatives or have reasonable reasons for sharing the vehicle, it is possible to agree to transfer the order.

Tesla car order agreement, from the official website

  A person close to Tesla told The Paper, "Tesla does not support customer transfer orders, and the store staff also know that many customers who come to pick up the car are going through the transfer procedures at the same time as picking up the car. This is really not something that Tesla can manage. After all, the buyer and seller are free to buy and sell, and both buyers and sellers are normal used car trading behaviors, and there is nothing illegal."

  According to Li Yi, the seller usually goes through the transfer procedures for the buyer on the day the seller picks up the car, and the two parties go to the site to pick up the car together.

At the same time, since Tesla does not have “first owner rights” like Ideal and Weilai, buyers will not have related losses.

  It is reported that from March 10 to March 17, Tesla has raised prices for its models three times. Among the "three consecutive increases", the Model Y high-performance version with the highest increase has raised the price the most, with a total of 30,000 yuan. Yuan.

Xiaopeng: Identity information needs to be verified before the contract

  In addition to Tesla, Xpeng P7, Xpeng P5 and other models have also been listed with a lot of "transfer orders" information.

  Through a trading platform, The Paper reporter contacted a seller who was transferring Xiaopeng P7 as a buyer. The other party said that the order in his hand was the order before the price increase on March 21, and the price difference before and after was 32,000 yuan. The transfer fee For 5,000 yuan, buyers can save 27,000 yuan by purchasing "transfer orders".

  At the same time, the other party said that the order transfer procedure is handled at the store, the order is directly written in the buyer's name, and the buyer can normally enjoy the rights and interests of the first owner.

Just a few hours after the reporter's consultation, the product has shown the "sold" status.

  Regarding the transfer of orders, Xiaopeng Motors told Peng Mei News that with regard to the resale of orders, since the product orders of Xiaopeng Motors are all linked by identity verification, the identity information must be verified before the contract can enter the delivery process.

If the customer cancels the reservation due to personal reasons, the vehicle order will be re-integrated into the unified management, and there is no possibility of private second-hand order resale.

  At the same time, Xiaopeng Motors stated in a statement, "Xpeng Motors' car purchase channels are unified across the country and cannot be operated through private online transactions. We will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibilities of relevant parties. If consumers have any disputes or rights and interests due to private transactions. Xiaopeng Motors will not be held responsible for any damages. Please be aware of this.”

  According to the official website of Xiaopeng Motors, Xiaopeng Motors adjusted the prices of three models on sale on March 21, and the price increase ranged from 10,100 to 32,600 yuan.

Extreme Krypton: "Transfer order" is not recommended

  In addition, there is also a model that has been "transferred" more often, which is the Extreme Krypton 001.

  Li Dan (pseudonym) told The Paper that he had just purchased an order for Extreme Krypton 001 at a price of 5,000 yuan and was going through the transfer order.

  He said, "It's mainly to pick up the car quickly. It's just half a year to buy the first class. I just can't wait if I just need it. And it doesn't seem that the price has increased, but you look at the rights and interests. The order I bought is 5,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan. Yuan, now it’s 5,000 to 10,000 yuan, a difference of 5,000 yuan. It’s not a loss inside or outside, and I can get the car quickly.”

  Li Dan introduced that there is no "order lock" for the order purchased by himself. In this case, the seller can contact the salesperson to open an order transfer channel, and then operate through the owner's APP to directly transfer the order to the buyer's name.

  At the same time, he also mentioned that many people have purchased orders that have been "locked", "In this case, you need to find a partner to pull the delivery group, and go to the site to pick up the car and register together, which is very troublesome, takes a long time to operate, and is risky. It’s also quite big. Jikr doesn’t have that kind of scalper. It’s all about car owners. Some people don’t want to ask for it after reading too much news. It happens that some people like Jikr’s chassis or something, and they are all spontaneous personal transactions.”

  The reason why he is willing to take risks to acquire orders, Li Dan said, the main reason is that the delivery cycle of Jikr is too long and uncertain. "In general, it is all to pick up the car as soon as possible."

  Regarding the issue of order transfer, Peng Mei News contacted the official customer service of Ji Krypton. The other party said that "Ji Krypton does not recommend or support customers to transfer orders", and reminded that this behavior may bring risks.

  Behind the "transfer order" of vehicles is actually the current dilemma faced by new energy vehicles: the rising price tide caused by the continuous rise of raw materials, and the often months or even half a year of car pickup cycles caused by insufficient supply of raw materials.

  Taking Tesla as an example, although Tesla also adjusted prices several times last year, the increase was not exaggerated.

  An industry insider told The Paper in this regard, "Transferring orders between consumers is also a market behavior. The emergence of transfer orders and scalpers is actually a manifestation of the imbalance between supply and demand. Under the current situation of the severe supply chain, some If car companies have problems such as shortage of supply and insufficient production capacity, they may be able to open official channels for consumers to transfer orders, and charge a certain fee to reduce their risks. In addition, through the background system, it is also possible to screen out scalpers who buy and sell, which is also beneficial to them. Enterprise brand image management.”