A 16-year-old is believed to be leading one of the most feared hacker groups on the planet,


reported on Wednesday.

He is a Brit living with his mother in Oxford, England.

That's the guess of four cybersecurity researchers investigating the Lapsu$ hacker group.

This has been noticed by surprising attacks targeting large companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, Nvidia or Ubisoft.

The attacks are carried out against multinationals working in the telecommunications, media, or sales sectors.

In most cases, the group hacks into the company, steals its data and demands a ransom for not disclosing it.

Appearances of a computer program

Researchers suspect the teenager, who calls himself "White" or "Breachbase", of being at the head of the main acts of hacking Lapsus$.

His skills are said to be so remarkable that experts first thought his actions were the work of a computer program.

However, the group of hackers lacked discretion, which allowed investigators to trace its members.

Seven Lapsus$-related arrests took place on Thursday, March 24, according to the BBC.

The suspects are said to be between 16 and 21 years old.

But no information has filtered to confirm that the young man is among those arrested.

The young man would not have been the subject of any indictment according to Bloomberg, and was able to contact his parents.

They claim they know nothing of their son's cybercriminal activities.

Rival groups have released information

Security researchers were able to go back to the teenager by analyzing the hacks including Lapsus$ but also the open intelligence gathering.

So, rival gangs posted his mailing address and information about his parents online.

This arrest has so far not destabilized the group of hackers who said laconically: “Some of our members have vacations until March 30, 2022”.

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