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School rules regulating underwear and socks left in 52 middle and high schools in Seoul have been abolished. 

The Seoul Office of Education conducted consulting on 52 middle and high schools that had excessively restricted student attire, such as underwear, socks, and stockings, from June to September last year. ) said.   

The work to revise the school rules began in March last year when the Seoul City Council pointed out that 31 girls' middle and high schools with excessive underwear regulations needed improvement.

As a result of the Seoul Office of Education's inspection of student life regulations, 21 co-educational colleges with similar provisions were also included in the consulting target.

Until recently, these schools maintained provisions in their school rules, such as 'Under the blouse of the summer clothes, wear unpatterned white underwear' and 'Penalty points are imposed except for unpatterned white underwear'.

Clothing has also been restricted by allowing only white socks in the summer and black stockings and black socks in the winter. 

This year, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education plans to revise the school rules for schools that excessively restrict their appearance, such as hair, in order to guarantee the 'right to realize individuality' in Article 12 of the Student Human Rights Ordinance. 

We plan to conduct consulting for a total of 60 schools, including those that have received recommendations from the National Human Rights Commission regarding appearance regulations and those that need improvement as a result of checking the student life regulations. 

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