A photo was a topic of discussion, and netizens are arguing over a review of a delivery app saying that they left food delivered on the baby wipes box and discarded all the wipes.

The other day (the 20th), a one-star review registered in the delivery app was uploaded to the online community.

The customer who ordered the food revealed a picture of sweet and sour pork and dumplings on the delivery box, saying, "Delivery came and I left it at the entrance without a single plastic bag."

"The baby wipes under the picture are baby wipes," he wrote.

Then, "When I called the store, they shouted, 'This is what our store usually does', 'I didn't want to leave it on the floor'"?

claimed this.

Netizens responded that the reviews were excessive, such as "If I was that concerned, I had to put the tissue in advance" and "The delivery driver seemed to be very considerate of it because it was food."

On the other hand, there were some opinions that the Chinese restaurant delivered without plastic packaging was at fault.