Whoever remembers, raise your finger.

Decades ago, the Greens were lovable flower girls and bushy beards who sat in front of little plants in the Bundestag and railed against electric toothbrushes.

It was over with the sympathy points when strange demands frightened the citizens - five marks for the liter of fuel.

Today we are only a small step away from that.

The top Greens are now shaved, presumably electric, and fighting over how to protect Germans from high oil prices.

This is how times change, tempora mutantur.

The oil is not scarce at all, just expensive.

Those who earn a fortune from it know why.

They can also explain right away why diesel costs more than petrol, even though it is "subsidised" by fewer taxes.

It was to be expected that the prohibition apostles would cling to the crisis, they used the unfavorable moment to call for a speed limit of 60/40/20 to save fuel.

Folks, we currently have other worries, anyone who finds fuel expensive saves voluntarily.

Time flies, the bans remain.

When the head of a federal agency starts a discussion about the end of wood burning in this situation, one wonders what is on his mind.

According to the data collected by their own office, the air has never been as pure as it is today.

And a fourth-grader can calculate that the share of wood fires in fine dust pollution increases when that from traffic decreases.

Which sow will be driven through the media forest next?

How about Sahara dust, pollen count or subway stations – ban them immediately.

Oil and gas are from Putin and unaffordable, there is not enough green electricity.

If you don't want wood, you have to tell people to sit in cold rooms in the future.

We're still waiting for that.

Back to the diesel.

Not allowed either, because of tax fraud, and on top of that it's nonsense to pour vegetable oil into the tank instead.

We used to do that before, with preheating so that it becomes thinner.

The old prechamber engine ran with it without any problems, the direct injection beckons the sudden death of the pump.

The wheel of time doesn't stand still, but a defective engine does.

That's where we end, because because there's no more vegetable oil to buy, it's a sausage anyway.