Until the end of SBS, the panda team reported in January that another worker had escaped from the salt farm after the exposure of labor exploitation by Park Young-geun, a salt farm worker last year.

However, as a result of SBS coverage, it was confirmed that two additional workers who worked with them were recently rescued from a salt farm in Jeungdo, Sinan, Jeollanam-do.

In an investigation conducted at Jeungdo Police Box in Shinan, Jeonnam in November last year, they denied the victims of labor exploitation, but recently the Jeonnam Provincial Police Agency took them out of the island and conducted further investigations, revealing the facts of assault and exploitation.

They lived in a small community and were in de facto servitude, calling the salt farm owner father and mother.

As the issue of exploitation of labor in salt farms close to slavery surfaced one after another, it is known that an official from the US embassy in South Korea went down to Mokpo, Jeollanam-do last month to investigate the case, and wrote a report and sent it back to their home country.

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